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Pioneering a global network of plant-powered initiatives that benefit people and the planet

KBio is a biofoundry ecosystem that is revolutionizing the use of plants in therapeutics, bioingredients, and bioactives. Through our RP3 platform, we have the unprecedented ability to produce proteins quickly and at scale, making plant-based products a viable, valuable, and sustainable approach to improving public health.

The people powering the plants: meet our world-class leadership

We are a team of biotech and pharmaceutical industry leaders with a proven track record in the successful clinical development of biologics across various diseases. With unwavering determination, we blend plant science and drug-production expertise to pioneer plant-based manufacturing.


Patrick Doyle
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer, Cofounder
Carmine Carpenito
Head of Research
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With an unrivaled team and robust platform, we’ve made incredible feats in making plant-based therapeutics possible. But we aren’t doing it alone.

Discover our unique, global partnerships that drive RP3 forward.

Want to be a part of the plant-based revolution? Visit our Careers page to see our available opportunities.

KBio Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of KBio Holdings Limited, a BAT Group company.

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