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A worldwide network of plant-powered initiatives

We leverage the scalable and sustainable benefits of our RP3 platform to advance transformative therapeutics and bioactive compounds across the globe.


We use plants as biofoundries to rapidly produce life-changing therapies at an unprecedented scale

Plant-based biologics have long held potential, but they are historically difficult to scale. RP3 is designed to overcome the myriad challenges of plant-based biologics, enabling the rapid and scalable production of safe and effective monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and vaccines.

Our mAb candidates have the potential to tackle some of the world’s most urgent health challenges, including infectious disease and cancer.

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Other GrowKO solutions

Growing beyond medicine to unlock the full potential of plant-based proteins

As pioneers of innovative plant-based therapeutics, we’ve witnessed the revolutionary potential of plants. So why stop there? We’re integrating agtech, nano tech, biotech, and engineering sciences to explore opportunities that have the potential to improve public health across industries and markets.

As climate change and food supply challenges rise, the world needs—and demands—sustainable and scalable solutions for consumer goods more than ever before. Through strategic collaborations with industry leaders in global markets, we’re leveraging the power of GrowKO to offer plant-based solutions in the food and nutraceutical sectors.

We’re exploring the use of our high-quality proteins to produce cultured and plant-based meat, protein supplements, naturally occurring sweeteners, and more.

Stay tuned on our progress as we engineer a plant-powered world.

Meaningful growth, together

We value the power of partnerships. Our plant-based programs thrive through collaborations with like-minded companies dedicated to realizing a plant-powered future.

We are actively seeking strategic partnerships to maximize the impact of the RP3 ecosystem and help bring projects to life. If you have a project that could benefit from scalable plant-based manufacturing, we’d love to connect.

KBio Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of KBio Holdings Limited, a BAT Group company.

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