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At KBio, we believe that plants are the fundamental architects of our past, present, and future. From sustenance to shelter and paper to phytochemicals, they play a vital part in propelling our collective human story forward. That’s why we’re fearless in our pursuit of delivering on the full potential of plant-based biofoundries.

For the betterment of human health and for the development of life-saving therapies, the world needs plant-based proteins, and we’re the only team on the planet that can deliver. How do we do it?

We’re humbled by our mission, yet undaunted by what lies ahead. We embrace curiosity by turning over rocks to see what’s underneath. We approach engineering and plant-based production as equal parts leader and listener, asking bold questions and tuning into the answers. We believe in unlimited creativity and bravery in experimentation and in fostering partnerships that benefit people and the planet.

We are KBio. We bring the future of plant-based biofoundries into the now.

Our ethos

We are…rooted in collaboration:

Just as the roots of a plant provide stability and nourishment, we believe that strong collaborations form the foundation of our success on both an individual and global level. We value teamwork, open communication, and partnerships, knowing that together we can grow stronger and reach new heights.

We value…nurtured growth:

We’re dedicated to nurturing the growth of our team members. We encourage continuous learning, skill development, and personal growth, ensuring that every individual can flourish and contribute to our collective success.

We encourage…organic innovation:

Much like nature’s ability to evolve, we foster an environment of innovation. We value fresh ideas, adaptability, and creative thinking. Just as plants adapt to changing environments, we embrace change and innovation to stay at the forefront of health and medicine.

Are you passionate about plants and their power to change public health? We’d love to hear from you.

Open positions

Thank you for your interest in starting a career with KBio. There are no available opportunities at this time, but please send us a message on our Contact page and your application will be considered for future openings.

KBio Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of KBio Holdings Limited, a BAT Group company.

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