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We cultivate global partnerships that unlock the full power of plant-based manufacturing

The true potential of plant-based manufacturing emerges through our strategic alliances with industry leaders across the globe. These partnerships fuel our capacity to scale up and optimize each step of our protein-production process, resulting in safer and more effective therapeutics and other bioactive compounds.

As we work together to advance plant-powered initiatives, the world can reap the benefits of fearless innovation, integrated expertise, and our mutual commitment to growing better tomorrows.

The RP3 partnership ecosystem

We partner with experts in agtech, biotech, and nanotech to develop next-generation biomolecules for existing and future business opportunities

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Scaling up growth with ZERO Farms:

We partnered with ZERO, an Italian agtech company, to build the world’s first transportable globally distributed plant-based molecular farming network.

Maximizing R&D capabilities with ZabBio:

We leverage ZabBio’s expertise in rare and infectious diseases to discover and develop a new generation of therapeutics for a broad range of high unmet needs.

Harnessing AI with Officinae Bio:

We utilize AI to optimize our growing conditions and vector development.

We have the backing of a global company with extensive plant-based technological capabilities

As a subsidiary of British American Tobacco (BAT), we leverage their extensive plant-based technological capabilities to optimize our RP3 platform. Our relationship with BAT and strategic partnerships with ZERO Farms and ZabBio extend our reach across the UK, US, and EU and significantly increase our R&D capabilities and expertise.

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Join us in our mission to accelerate the development of novel solutions powered by plants

We partner with key stakeholders across the globe to advance plant-forward initiatives in the therapeutic and consumer markets. As we focus on broadening the capabilities of the RP3 ecosystem, we offer partnership opportunities to advance several of our clinical programs.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs that address public health challenges with high unmet need, such as contraception, we would love to connect. Please visit our Contact page to inquire about our available partnership opportunities.

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